Smoking During First Trimester?

What are the chances of smoking marijuana and tobacco products effecting the pregnancy during the first trimester?

Answers:    im not sure about the pot but my first trimester i smoked cigs but than i stopped. My tot is fine and has no problems what so ever and i am 33 weeks, just to permit you know everybody's body is different so something can effect someones pregnancy and than have no effect on somebody else, i would talk to your doctor nearly this and see what s/he says. Good luck and godbless.
Smoking during pregnancy regardless of the trimester harms the baby and give a larger chance of a premature infant. Premature baby's can have problems breathing when born which system you may have to see your child hooked up for oxygen in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Also, your child may be born colic and enjoy severe stomach problems which causes constant crying through-out the day. Smoking can also induce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) where on earth your child can die out of the ordinary in it's sleep. To also lend a hand prevent this avoid pillows and stuffed animals in the crib when born. If you care in the order of your child's health you will be a good mother and stop smoking. You immediately carry another life around, be a perfect mother and get ahead of the game. Everything that you do affects your child's growth within your womb, and if you really care you should worry more so nearly your child's health, rather consequently feed your addictions. HUGE CHANCE.first trimester is nippy development of all organs...cigarettes can create probs with lungs and weight of child...marijuana typically has later effects near concentration, memory, learning ETC
if it's not healthy for adults it NOT good for small vulnerable babies still in the womb!
Also if your hospital/doctor drug test you can be reported for abuse/neglect to a child service agency
Do you know how many women are DYING to have babies and How abundant women do everything right and have unhealthy children!?
Smoking tobacco products effects the babe in low birth weights .. And there have been many studies on smoking weed during pregnancy some utter it doesn't hurt the baby but other have said it does , so your best bet is quit smoking pot , i really can't give an account you quit smoking cigarettes because im 25.4 wks and still smoke but i had a bad doctor until 24 wks and told me smoking be fine , and then i got a topical doctor and she was pissed that other doctor told me this but she told me that i shouldn't quit smoking now because it would put unwanted stress on my kid and possibly send me into pre-term labor ... the first trimester is sooo sensitive..thats why so many general public wait to annouce their pregnancy until the second trimester. Screw up early on and the likelihood of damage are greater. Plus, you are gonna be a grow up and put someone elses needs past your own. Also, if you still smoke weed and give birth, they WILL take your child away from you at the hospital! Seen it come to pass all too much
i did both my first trimester, not knowing i was pregnant till i be 16 weeks.. and my baby is fine. so i don't know if its a bad point or if its not, but i know it didn't hurt my baby. i would limit the tobacco more than the marijuana though, because marijuana seriously basically stimulates you/your body and tobacco can hurt you alot. cleft lip or palate happens alot to babies whos parents smoke during the 6 to 8 week period i hold a friend the that hapen to but its pretty dangerous to be smoking in untimely pregnancy if u already did it try not to stress it cuz stress makes things worse ull have an ultrasound somewhere between 14 to 20 weeks to see if everything ok beside baby prob will be ok
I don't know if I would mess with the wacky tobaccy if I be pregnant.
With that being said, I wasn't the vision of a unfaultable pregnant mom either. I smoked cigarettes all through my pregnancies. I be addicted obviously and I couldn't stop.
They say babies born to smokers are repeatedly premature or have a low birth weight. All 3 of mine be born 5-10 days past their due date and all 3 be 7 pounds even.
Now I am not saying that is the "norm" as I am not an unapprised person. I know that the nasty stuff contained by cigarettes does filter down to your unborn child. And I certainly wouldn't condone smoking while pregnant or smoking at all for anyone.
Lacy - I don't surmise smoking anything is okay while pregnant. I'm just sharing my personal story.
I have severe psychological problems and for me it be honestly either smoke or go bad the deep end. I weigh each side of the matter and I contracted smoking was the less deleterious of the two.
Does that mean that I didn't feel guilty? Of course not. Trust me, I feel guilty a lot. But, luckily for me everything worked out fine in the ruin.
Everyone has a reason for the things they do, a story to update, which is why it is not a good idea to prematurely conciliator somebody. Especially on the internet.
The only proven effect cigarette smoking has next to pregnancy is low birth weight (and not in adjectives cases) and premature (again not in all cases) I did smoke till I be 3 months with this pregnancy and with my first I smoked the undamaged time. My doctor says if you cut it in partially it makes a big difference, but other than that here is no proven birth defect. It isnt chance, its for sure. anything you put in your body, goes to your tot. Whether it's enough to harm the kid or not, noone can know. It is wise to avoid ANYTHING potentially dangerous to your child.
During the first trimester it is not as detrimental to the baby but it still chances some sort of birth malfunction. Though I now people who smoked cigarettes throughout their pregnancy and their babies are fine. The first trimester is the most crucial time for the nouns of your baby's vital functions, Don't be an idiot.
The chances are extremely high my dear.Don't be selfish.Give the innocent tot a chance to live and grow healthy. your toddler is gonna be born with a foot coming out of its head if you hang on to smoking mary jane.

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